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Warter aviation

WARTER aviation. History, passion, trust

WARTER aviation is an own brand, which belongs to the group Warter Fuels S.A. Is a leading producer and distributor of aviation fuels in the world. Warter Fuels S.A. is a merger of long-lasting activity of the well-known OBR company in Płock, its experience in the production of petroleum products, with modern laboratory and technological facilities, constant monitoring of the aviation industry’s needs in the world and practical knowledge of the best specialists.

Your needs are the most

The WARTER aviation product range includes:

  • AVGAS aviation gasoline for piston engines – unleaded AVGAS WA UL91, leaded AVGAS 100LL,
  • aviation fuel for turbine engines – JET-A1,
  • smoke oil,
  • products for de-icing aircraft and airport pavements.

Quality is our reality and commitment

The main value of our products is the highest quality, which we care for at every stage of production, storage and delivery.


We never compromise. The safety of our customers is the most important!

From pilots for pilots

Our brand is appreciated by both individual customers and airport operators from around the world. The offer is addressed to general, commercial and military aviation.

We deliver to the whole

We will fulfill your order in any place in the

Wherever you are – we are here for You.

We always want to be one step ahead of your needs. And You, using our products, are one step ahead of your competition. Explore our offer and learn what you will gain by cooperating with WARTER Aviation.