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AVGAS fuel ul 91

Fuel created for your private plane.


This lead free fuel is made to power piston aviation engines.

Lack of lead makes it the green and eco-friendly alternative to both motor gasoline as well as AVGAS 100LL (where applicable). Thanks to enriching additives, AVGAS 91UL has perfect performance qualities.


We supply fuel all over the world.

The environment is important to us, which is why we focus on ecological solutions.

Aviation gasoline UL 91(unleaded) is a mixture of hydrocarbons prepared by the processing of crude oil. It contains anti-oxidant and anti-static additives. It contains anti-knock, anti-oxidant, dye and anti-static additives, which makes it a perfect alternative to motor gasoline (MOGAS). Due to its lower price, MOGAS is often being use as a replacement of 91UL/100LL which creates a huge safety risk, due to a presence of alcohol in motor gasoline. Motor gasoline continues methanol which is a very volatile compound and can create vapor lock, more likely carb icing. It also has a corrosive effect on composite elements of the engine, fuel tank and fuel lines and should not be used in aviation!


Aviation gasoline UL 91 is used to power piston-engine aircraft. It can be also used with ultralight aircraft operating on a range of UL91 approved engine (such as Rotax). Always check your aircraft/engine manual is your powerplant approved for UL91 and to see the transition instructions


Gasoline should be stored in containers that protect the fuel from air, moisture and mechanical impurities away from direct sunlight and heating (underground and above ground tanks with limited air exchange). These restrictions limit both the loss associated with evaporation and loss of the lightest elements, which may change the two key parameters of gasoline: vapour pressure and fractional composition. We work closely with our customers to ensure storage solutions are both suitable and safe.

Guaranteed technical properties

Aviation gasoline UL 91 meets the requirements of ASTM D 7547 and DEF STAN 91-90.

Warranty period

Properly stored and secured aviation fuel holds its technical properties within 24-month period.