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NEW! AKI 93 unleaded, ethanol-free gasoline for ultralight aircraft

1. AKI93 – is it avgas or mogas? AKI93 is a fuel designed for ultralight spark-ignition aircraft engines that are designed to use unleaded petrol, while meeting the requirements of the EN 228 automotive petrol standard.   2. AKI93 can I refuel my plane and car? AKI93 (ethanol-free, unleaded) petrol is not suitable for road or rail transport – but meets the stringent EN […]

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Aviation gasoline vs. automotive gasoline

Check the difference between aviation and car fuel.

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Can your engine benefit from the WA UL 91 aviation gasoline?

Can your engine benefit from the WA UL 91 aviation gasoline? Step1 Check the compatibility of the unit with WA UL 91. On the official Lycoming website in the Technical Publications section. If you do not use the Lycoming engine, information about the gasoline allowed for your aircraft, can be found in the instructions for use of the machine. Step 2 […]

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Why not MOGAS?

Why not MOGAS? APPLICATION OF ALCOHOL Common practice to increase the octane number is the use of ethanol or ETBE compounds. The use of alcohol in gasoline has many negative effects on the aircraft engine as well as its parts, such as rubber, plastic and composite elements. Not only can they damage these elements, but also allow the plastic and rubber molecules to get into the […]

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Extended service interval for spark-ignition engines operating on unleaded petrol

Service tasks W In engines with an oil filter, after changing after the initial 50 hours, total oil exchange Operating time for maintenance inspections: leaded gasoline: 50 hours* unleaded gasoline: 100 hours* Oil filter replacement (after a transitional period) Operating time for maintenance inspections: leaded gasoline: 50 hours unleaded gasoline: 50 hours In engines with oil pressure […]

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WHY aviation gasoline AVGAS WA UL91?

Unleaded, ethanol-free, ecological An aviation gasoline that will preserve your safety! Intended solely for aviation (unlike gasoline MOGAS). Safe for the pilot and the environment. Clean – all ingredients are verified thoroughly and tested during the production process. Dedicated to the propulsion of aircraft piston engines. Perfect for ultralight aircraft. It is widely used by Rotax engine manufacturers, Lycoming […]

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