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B 91/115


B 91/115

 Aviation gasoline B 91 / 115 is specially designed for Shvetsov ASh-62 – nine-cylinder, air-cooled, radial aircraft engine produced in the Soviet Union. WARTER aviation is the only producer worldwide of this grade of gasoline.

Aviation gasoline B 91 / 115 is a mixture of hydrocarbons prepared by the processing of crude oil. It contains anti-knock, anti-oxidant, dye, and anti-static additives. Anticorrosive additives can be introduced into the fuel to prevent corrosion of the storage tanks as well as to protect fuel lines and fuel tanks of the aircraft.


Aviation fuel B 91/115 is used to power all types of radial engines.


Aviation gasoline should be stored in containers that protect fuel from air, moisture and mechanical impurities, away from direct sunlight and heating (underground and above ground tanks with limited air exchange). These restrictions limit both the loss associated with evaporation and loss of the lightest elements, which may change the two key parameters of gasoline: vapour pressure and fractional composition.

We work closely with our customers to ensure storage solutions are both suitable and safe.

Guaranteed technical properties

Aviation gasoline B 91/115 is produced according to GOST 1012-72 and WT-06/OBRPR/PD/60.

Warranty period

Properly stored and secured aviation fuel holds its technical properties within 24-month period



Colour Green
Knock rating
Motor Octane Number, MON Min 91
Performance Number, PN Min 115
Initial boiling point °C Min 40
10% vol. at °C Max 82
50% vol. at °C Max 105
90% vol. at °C Max 145
97,5% vol. at °C Max 180
Final boiling point %(v/v) Max 1,5
Loss volume %(v/v) Max 1,5
Total sulphur mg/kg Max 300
Lead content gPb/l Max 1,60
Teteraethyl lead content g CEO/kg Max 2,5
Density at 15°C kg/m3 Report
Specific energy MJ/kg Min 42,947
Freezing point °C Max (-60)
Copper strip corrosion
2h at 100°C corrosion level Max 1
Existent gum mg/100ml Max 3
Iodine number gJ/100g Max 2,0
Aromatic hydrocarbons content % (m/m) Max 35
Reid vapour pressure at 37,8°C kPa 29,3 – 48,0
pH of the water solution Neutral
Acidity mg KOH/100cm3 Max 0,3
Marking the resistance to oxidation  – method of induction period Hour Min 12