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WHY aviation gasoline AVGAS WA UL91?

Unleaded, ethanol-free, ecological

An aviation gasoline that will preserve your safety!

  • Intended solely for aviation (unlike gasoline MOGAS).
  • Safe for the pilot and the environment.
  • Clean – all ingredients are verified thoroughly and tested during the production process.
  • Dedicated to the propulsion of aircraft piston engines.
  • Perfect for ultralight aircraft.
  • It is widely used by Rotax engine manufacturers,
  • Lycoming and many other.
  • Has a type-approval certificate LAA-999-413. Supplement 5 defines the application of WA UL91 in UK. Document Lycoming SI 1070Y, accepted by FAA, determines the types of approved engines for WA UL91.
  • It is produced in accordance with the standard ASTM D 7547 and DEF STAN 91-90.