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NEW! AKI 93 unleaded, ethanol-free gasoline for ultralight aircraft

1. AKI93 – is it avgas or mogas?

  • AKI93 is a fuel designed for ultralight spark-ignition aircraft engines that are designed to use unleaded petrol, while meeting the requirements of the EN 228 automotive petrol standard.


2. AKI93 can I refuel my plane and car?

  • AKI93 (ethanol-free, unleaded) petrol is not suitable for road or rail transport – but meets the stringent EN 228 stability standards. It is dedicated to Lycoming (‘Approved Fuels’ Service Instruction 1070) and Rotax aircraft engines, among others.


3. Why is AKI93 better for aircraft than traditional 95/98 unleaded petrol?

  • AKI93 petrol, unlike typical automotive petrol, does not contain bioethanol and other oxygenate components, the presence of which in aviation petrol poses many dangers and hazards. Some of these can occur unexpectedly during the execution of the flight, even to the point where the engine stops working and an emergency landing has to be made. The main risks are: the increased likelihood of so-called vapour lock due to the increased vapour pressure of petrol with different ethanol contents, the danger of phase separation in the presence of water, and carburettor icing due to the increased enthalpy of vapourisation of petrol with ethanol if there is no additional heat input to the intake air.


4. What is the significance of ethanol levels in aviation fuel?

  • As the ethanol content increases to 10% in aircraft petrol, flying becomes extremely dangerous. The Light Aircraft Association has been warning against the use of automotive fuel in aircraft and gyrocopters turbines for years.