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AVGAS 115/145


Avgas 115/145

Lead gasoline.

Aviation gasoline Avgas 115/145 is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from conservative and secondary processes crude oil. Gasoline addit ives are added Anti- agents, coloring agents, antioxidants, antistatic .

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Aviation gasoline 115/145 is used to power piston-engine aircraft.


Aviation gasoline should be stored in tanks protecting fuel against contact with air, moisture and pollution, away from direct sunlight and excessive temperatures (underground and ground tanks with limited air exchange).

We provide our customers with full support in the area of safe fuel storage.

Guaranteed technical properties

Avgas 115/145 gasoline meets the requirements of WT-15 / OBR PR / PD / 104.

Warranty period

Properly stored aviation gasoline meets requirements of the above specification in a period of not less than 24 months from the date of manufacture.



Colour Purple
Knock rating
Motor Octane Number, MON Min 115
Performance Number, PN Min 145
Initial boiling point °C Report
10% vol. at °C Max 75
40% vol. at °C Min 75
50% vol. at °C Max 105
90% vol. at °C Max 135
Final boiling point °C Max 170
Productivity %(v/v) Min 97
Residue volume %(v/v) Max 1,5
Loss volume %(v/v) Max 1,5
Sum of 10%+50% evaporated
°C Min 135
Total sulphur %(m/m) Max 0,05
Lead content gPb/l Max 1,28
Density at t=15 °C kg/m3 GIve the result
Specific energy MJ/kg Min 44
Freezing point °C Max (-60)
Copper strip corrosion
2h at t=100 °C Corrosion level Max 1
Existent gum mg/100ml Max 3
Water reaction
Volume change ml Max 2
Electrical conductivity at 20°C pS/m 50-450
Reid vapour pressure at 37,8°C kPa 38,5-49
Oxidation stability
16 h at 100°C
Potential gums mg/100ml Max 6
Precipitate mg/100ml Max 2